Engine Machining

Whether your engine needs valve grinding and cutting for seats or it demands proper boring and decking, Goff Automotive Machine Inc. is your destination for any and all engine machining work. As a complete engine machine shop in Pike County, KY, we’re committed to providing you with any and all head and body machining your engine might demand. For restoration or performance purposes, our experts are the foremost authority.

Head Work

We offer a complete range of head work to meet the restoration or performance needs of your engine. Our talented professionals work with precision and comprehensive expertise of your engine, to ensure every component is milled, bored, polished and cleaned to unparalleled specification. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Grind valves
  • Back-cut valves
  • Surface heads
  • Cut heads for Loc-wire
  • Cut for Teflon seals
  • Cut for large springs
  • Mill and CC heads
  • Clean assemble set spring height
  • Cut for seats
  • Hone guides
  • Install guides
  • Mill interior or exterior side
  • Clean heads
  • Custom machine work
  • Head repair
  • Block Work

Our expertise regarding engine machining in Pike County, KY extends to the entire block, giving you the confidence you demand when trusting your engine to shop professionals. Our shop is equipped with all of the necessary precision equipment to ensure your engine bloc gets the attention it demands. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Align hone
  • Block true/square deck
  • Install caps
  • Sleeve cylinder bores
  • Install cam bearings
  • Hone small end to float pin
  • Rebuild rods
  • Replace and hone pin bushings
  • Balancing assemblies
  • Balancing flywheel and pressure plate

Trust that all of the work we do is done to precision tolerances, with oversight from some of the best industry professionals in the area. We’re completely dedicated to your engine and its performance, which is why our team puts in the time and effort to ensure perfection.

To schedule an appointment and speak with us about your engine’s condition or machining needs, please call 606-437-9456 today.