Crank Services

Crankshaft grinding in Pike County, KY isn’t something that any old engine shop can do. It takes state-of-the-art equipment, precision measuring tools and a sound depth of expertise from the operator. Goff Automotive Machine Inc. is proud to provide customers with crankshaft services—including grinding—to ensure your engine functions at the pinnacle of its design.

Our crankshaft capabilities span the gamut of services you may need for your engine. From journal grinding to crankshaft balancing service in Pike County, KY, count on us to do the job right. We offer a full scope of services that includes:

  • Journal grinding: We can grind journals smooth and to a perfect round, restoring the integrity of your crank and enhancing the performance of your engine as a whole. We take careful consideration of stroke when it comes to under-sizing cranks, to ensure your final engine assembly operates with finesse.
  • Polishing: Polishing after grinding is imperative in maintaining the integrity of a refinished crankshaft. Smoothness is critical to frictionless function, which means better performance for your engine and longevity from your components.
  • Balancing: A balanced crankshaft is an efficient one, and promotes flawless function of an engine for longevity, better power stroke and smoother operation. Our machinists take the time to calculate the perfect harmony in bobweight, so you get peace of mind that your crank is balanced to perfection.

Don’t trust anyone else for crankshaft services! Our team brings expert oversight, high-tech tools and unparalleled dedication to every engine, to ensure the crankshaft—the most critical component—is given the quality workmanship it demands.

Schedule your appointment with our team today by calling 606-437-9456 to learn more about our crankshaft services and our capabilities when it comes to restoring or optimizing your engine. We’ll be happy to give your vehicle the personalized attention it needs to function at the highest levels.