Auto Machine Shop in Pike County, KY

Getting the most out of your vehicle on the drag strip, track circuit or road is all about optimization. Honing and tailoring what’s under the hood means getting better performance when you’re behind the wheel. Goff Automotive Machine Inc. is here to make sure your vehicle is living up to your high expectations when it comes time to put the pedal down.

As your full-service engine machine shop in Pike County, KY, we pride ourselves on delivering a wide array of services to customers, to enhance the performance of their cars. From simply adding more horsepower to major engine overhauls and restorations, we give your vehicle the specialized care and attention it needs. Some of our many services include:

  • Complete engine machining: We offer all of the critical machining services to optimize your racing engine for peak performance. Milling, boring, polishing and grinding are all within our scope of capabilities, and we’ll tailor our machining services to meet the needs of your unique engine.
  • Rebuilding engines: When you need a full and complete engine rebuild in Pike County, KY, trust our shop. We work on all types of engines, without exception—from Harley Davidson to Caterpillar and everything in between. We take pride in being members of the Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association (AERA).
  • Crank grinding: To preserve your crankshaft during an engine rebuild or restoration, we’re able to grind out journals, both main and rod. In doing so, we strive to maintain tolerance while also refurbishing your crankshaft for extended use.
  • Line boring and honing: During refurbishment of your engine we can provide line boring and honing, to restore the integrity of your cam bearings. Or, if you’re replacing your caps with stronger aftermarket products, boring and honing are needed to support these additions. Our team will make sure everything is done to the utmost precision.
  • Engine balancing: Balancing everything from uneven rotational mass to power stroke intervals and beyond is imperative for streamlined engine function. Our shop has the equipment and expertise to balance your engine properly for peak performance.

Whatever services your engine demands, Goff Automotive Machine Inc. is ready to deliver. Put your engine in our hands and see for yourself what decades of expertise can do for its performance and integrity. Schedule your appointment today at 606-437-9456.